Pop Tunes, Covers, a Remix and a Shazam Discovery

I’ve been “talking about pop muzik.”   Now I’m just going to shut up and share some recent pop pleasures about which I feel no guilt at all.

First, there is Kelsi Luck‘s “That’s What I Like” . . .

. . . a very catchy clap-along song with Betty Boop vocals.

It brings me back to two earwigs of summers past:

“Barbie Girl” by Aqua in 1997:

And “Mickey” by Toni Basil in 1981:

And then there is “Cups” by Anna Kendrick:

The surprising thing is the long incubation period for the song, so long after it came to most people’s attention in the movie Pitch Perfect.  Kendrick explained to David Letterman how the song came to be included in the movie . . .

. . . after she saw the original video on Reddit:

Long after the movie’s release, both in the theaters and on DVD, and months after it became a viral phenomenon in middle school lunchrooms, the song has now become a top 10 hit for Anna Kendrick.

MTHRFNKR.FM turned me on to Alice Jemima‘s cover of “No Diggity” . . .

. . . originally done by Teddy Riley‘s BLACKstreet, featuring Dr. Dre:

Miguel told MTV-UK he was “honored” to have Jessie Ware add her vocals on a great remix of his “Adorn”:

If you have not already, check out Ware’s great debut album, Devotion, one of last year’s best.  A new “Gold Edition” adds extra tracks, including my all time favorite song of hers, “Valentine,” recorded with Sampha:

Finally, I Shazamed Miss Derringer‘s pseudo-retro “Click Click Bang Bang” in a promo for the TV show Motive:

It certainly clicked with me.


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