“No Interesting New Music”

Grimes recently posted to her Tumblr:

“its silly when established artists come out and say that theres no interesting new music and theres no soul or originality in music any more etc. etc.”

I often hear similar sentiments from adults of various ages:

“There’s no good music out there.  It’s not like when I was a kid, back in . . .”

Of course, one generation’s beloved music is often the “no good music” of the previous generation.  And it’s somewhat surprising how soon this point of view sets in, usually starting shortly after graduation and growing stronger with each year out of school.

But is this really about the new music that is available or about the time available to seek out and listen to new music?  As students leave school to enter the real world, we also leave behind the social scene in which they were exposed to new music.  In addition, we often nostalgically cling to the music we associate with those relatively simple days of less responsibility. So the desire and/or opportunity to hear exciting new music is too often forgotten.  At least until/unless we have kids.  And then we often get sick of hearing those same big pop hits, completely forgetting how we drove our own parents crazy by playing the old pop tunes over and over again.

So the purpose of this blog is to point interested adults towards some of the new music they may like, but don’t really know how to or have the time to search for, artists like, well, Grimes, James Blake, AlunaGeorge, The xx, Quadron, Frank Ocean, Jamie Woon, Savages, Little Boots, The Weeknd, Lower Dens, and many, many more.  In fact, why not get started right now and check out a new artist by clicking on one of their links, listen to a song or two, maybe even sign up for updates?

Also, as a sidenote, some of the comparisons to older artists referenced to put the newer artists in context may help some younger listeners find some of the ancestors that have influenced the new schools.





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